Simple Benchmark for Google App Engine

JC / May 28, 2017

The price of Google App Engine depends on the execution times of the instances. Today the possible languages are 4: PHP, Java, Python and Go.

I have chosen a simple benchmark to discover the language most eficiently in Google App Engine in relation to price.

The benchmark code is:

sum = 0
for j in range(100):
	for i in range(1000000):
		sum += i

Python version, for the other languajes is similar, you can check it here. Is based in the “hello world” of the Google App Documentantion.

The benchmnark result for each language is:

Languaje Time in seconds
Go 0,14s
Python 14,6s
Java 2,2s
PHP 0,16s

I use the control panel of each instance in the Google Cloud Console for watch the record time.

And the Winner is… Go! I think that Go is the better solution (or maybe PHP) for dont pay a lot in a Google App Engine Project.