El RSS ha muerto. Viva el RSS!

JC / January 17, 2018

20 años después de la creación del RSS, su creador, olvido su aniversario: Ooops. We missed the 20th anniversary of RSS. The format that became RSS was rolled out in December 1997. Here's the piece where that was announced. I guess we missed the party. Open formats don't have PR firms. 😉 https://t.co/cK8fMop2hk — scripting.com (@davewiner) 12 de enero de 2018 Que es el RSS? RSS es un formato que utiliza para difundir información actualizada a los usuarios que se han suscrito. La ventaja es que no tengo que visitar todos mis blogs favoritos uno a uno: me suscribo a ellos y veo toda la información agrupada en mi lector de RSS. Lo que ocurre es que las redes sociales han…

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How to get a full-WordPress for 0€

JC / December 26, 2017

In this post I want to speak about to deploy a full wordpress blog in Google Cloud with zero cost. For this proposite I combine Google App Engine and Google Compute Engine, the first for to deploy the PHP code, and the second for to deploy a MySQL database. Google App Engine for the to deploy de PHP code is easy: the free tier is under the few thousand of visits daily, if you blog pass this limit, you only pay a little extra cost. The decision to the deploy database in Compute Engine is that Google offer a free low performance machine (only in some zones). It is a 700 Mb RAM machine, enought for a database for personals…

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Blog migrado a Google App engine

JC / November 16, 2017

He migrado el blog, ha pasado de ser un blog estático en firebase y Hugo, a estar en WordPress con Google app engine. El motivo de la migración es que wordpress es mucho más flexible en la hora de parametrizar todo el contenido que Hugo, también es mucho más fácil escribir un post sin tener que usar una línea de comandos. En breve escribiré cómo he montado el blog en la nube de google con coste 0.

Python Converter launched!

JC / August 16, 2017

Today I launched a new web project – PythonConverter.com – an online python2 to python3 translate tool. It’s an online tool that I built for myself, and I hope other people can get some use out of it, I had ported a lot of code in pyhon2 to python3 and I thouhgt that this web can help other people and also, it was a good oportunity for my, because I learned javascript and bootstrap for do it. Check it and let me any questions or suggestions!

Simple Benchmark for Google App Engine

JC / May 28, 2017

The price of Google App Engine depends on the execution times of the instances. Today the possible languages are 4: PHP, Java, Python and Go. I have chosen a simple benchmark to discover the language most eficiently in Google App Engine in relation to price. The benchmark code is: sum = 0 for j in range(100): for i in range(1000000): sum += i Python version, for the other languajes is similar, you can check it here. Is based in the “hello world” of the Google App Documentantion. The benchmnark result for each language is: Languaje Time in seconds Go 0,14s Python 14,6s Java 2,2s PHP 0,16s I use the control panel of each instance in the Google Cloud Console for watch the record time. And the Winner…

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